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Public Hearings



Notice is hereby given that the City of Middletown will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, October 03, 2017 on or as near to 8:00 p.m. as possible, Common Council Chambers, 2nd floor, 16 James Street, to hear any and all persons wishing to be heard on a proposed amendment to the Zoning Code, Section 475-20, C-2 Limited Business Districts to add the following:

• Light manufacturing, such as plastic assembly (but not molding or 3-D printing) and the assembly of pre-made materials into another product. (The Planning Board retains the discretion to determine whether the particular proposed use constitutes light manufacturing or not.)

• Artisan manufacturing of goods, such as jewelry or ceramics, which are produced using hand-tools only.

A full copy of the proposed addition of the Zoning Code is available in the City Clerk Office, Room 12 at City Hall 16 James Street, Middletown, New York and on the City Website.

Any and all persons wishing to be heard will be given an opportunity to speak either for or against the proposed addition to the code.

By the order of the Common Council

John C. Naumchik
Clerk of the Common Council
Publish: 9/25/17 & 9/26/17
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