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Orange and Rockland Utilities have been working on a gas line replacement on Wickham Avenue in the City of Middletown since August 15, 2016 during the hours of 7:00AM and 4:00pm and will complete the work as soon as possible. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the DPW Office at #343-3169.  Thank you for your continued cooperation.

James Street Garbage Depot Has Moved




The dumpster depot located on James Street has been removed.  Qualified users should now use the Canal Street Garbage Depot.  Keep ONLY municipal solid waste in the dumpsters.  Please keep it clean and recycle. This City is our home.

Thank you.   

Industrial Pretreatment Program for the City of Middletown NY

The City of Middletown’s Industrial Pretreatment Program (IPP) ensures that local, state and federal regulations are met regarding the quality of wastewater discharged into the City’s wastewater system. The City’s IPP has been created to protect the welfare of those living and working in the City and its natural environment. The IPP is targeted at minimizing discharges of pollutants from industries located within the City.

Some major elements of the City's IPP include reviewing pretreatment designs, issuing permits, performing inspections, collecting samples, reviewing self-monitoring reports, and enforcing regulations.

Below are the forms required to be completed by Industrial Users. For more information on the permit process and the fees, please feel free to call the DPW office at (845) 343-3169.

IPP Applications, Reports & Forms

IPP Supporting Documents


Click here for access to the Sewer Use Ordinance- Sewer Use Ordinance



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