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The Board of Examining Plumbers meets the Third Thursday of the Month 4:00PM Caucus Room City Hall

Chairman: William Hadden
Members: Val Bruni, Mel Skinner

Plumbing Inspector:  

Examination Rules of the Board of Examining Plumbers

Applications & Procedure

  1. Persons applying for examination for certificates to engage in the business of master or employing plumber shall, before being examined, file with the Board an application on such forms as may be prescribed by the Board, and shall furnish to the Board such information as it may require concerning the applicant's fitness and qualifications to receive a certificate as aforesaid. All applications must be under oath.

  2. Each applicant shall be required to furnish two vouchers, one of whom shall appear before the Board and sign under oath on forms prescribed by the Board certifying to the time the applicant has been employed by him as journeyman plumber; said voucher at the time of signing application must be lawfully engaged in the plumbing business in the City of Middletown, New York.

  3. The Board shall refuse to receive an application from any person who at the time of making application may be unlawfully engaged in business as a master or employing plumber.


  1. No person shall be examined unless he shall have had an experience of at least five years as a journeyman plumber and is able to furnish satisfactory evidence of such fact.

  2. No application will be received from any person who is not a citizen of the United States.

Practical & Written Examinations

  1. The examinations of the Board shall be in two parts; namely, a practical test to determine the applicant's skill as a journeyman, and a written examination. The written examination shall consist of questions and plans to determine the applicant's fitness and qualifications to engage in the business of master or employing plumber.

  2. All examinations shall be written by the applicant and must be in English.

  3. The time and place of holding examinations shall be left to the discretion of the Board. Ample notice shall be given to applicants within 60 days from date of filing of application.

Eligibility for Certificate of Competency
Persons who pass the tests as prescribed by the Board shall be eligible to receive a certificate of competency as master or employing plumber.

Application Fee
Each applicant for examination shall pay the sum of $200 at the time of making his application. When an applicant has paid the first $200 for examination and failed, he shall pay an additional sum of $100 for each subsequent examination given him by the Board.

Renewal of Pumbers License is $200.00 starting with the 2016 calendar year

Questions on Plumbers License call the Department of Public Works at (845) 343-4134


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