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Community Development Agency Contact Info


Maria Bruni


phone icon (845) 346-4170
fax icon (845) 343-2009
email icon Email
house 16 James Street
      Middletown, NY 10940

Monday - Friday: 8:30am - 4:30pm


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Community Development Agency Agenda & Minutes

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Development Agency Board


Joseph M. DeStefano

Vice Chairman

Paul Johnson

Board Members

Thomas Burr
Jude A. Jean-Francois
Gerald P. Kleiner
Joseph G. Masi
Kate Ramkissoon
J. Miguel Rodrigues
Sande Sommers
Kevin Witt


Executive Director
Maria Bruni


Patricia Racine


Donald Paris

CDA Counsel

Gene Grillo






Mission Statement (Adopted June 03, 2014)

The Middletown Community Development Agency’s purpose is to plan and implement programs involving the rehabilitation and revitalization of both the residential and commercial sectors of the City of Middletown, foster economic growth, provide assistance to public service organizations, eliminate blight, promoted neighborhood stabilization, and improve housing opportunities for low- and moderate-income residents of the City of Middletown.

The Middletown Community Development Agency will implement its mission by undertaking initiatives principally geared toward the elimination of blighted and deteriorated conditions existing among the City’s residential and commercial properties. The Middletown Community Development Agency will acquire blighted properties, provide resources for rehabilitation of acquired properties, and will create financing mechanisms to allow for the acquisition of rehabilitate properties for homeownership by low- and moderate-income residents.



The Middletown Community Development Agency will be capitalized with municipal resources as well as other state and federal financial resources.


The City of Middletown Community Development Agency is a public benefit corporation which has been authorized to be reestablished by New York State legislation on July 18, 2012 at the request of the City of Middletown. It functions as an "Urban Renewal Agency" under Articles 15, 15-A, and Section 633 of Article 15-B of the General Municipal Laws of the State of New York and was enacted into law as Chapter 200 of the Laws of 2012, While it is an independent entity from the City of Middletown government, the City of Middletown Common Council and Mayor are the members of the Middletown Community Development Agency Board of Directors pursuant to Section 601-a of the New York General Municipal Law. The Common Council has adopted the City of Middletown Urban Renewal Plan which will guide the operation of the Middletown Community Development Agency.

Middletown Community Development Agency Performance Goals: (Adopted June 03, 2014)

  • Operate in a fiscally conscientious and responsible manner.
  • To continually assess the needs of the City's residents, and to strive to apply the Agency's services where they will create the most benefit and community vitality.
  • To meet the needs of the community by working to secure state and federal funding for City and community priorities.
  • To cultivate community trust and engagement by operating in a transparent and easily accessible manner.
  • To meet the needs of the residents of the City of Middletown by supporting local public service agencies and programs.
  • Assist City of Middletown municipal departments including Code Enforcement, Office of Economic and Community Development and the Department of Public Works to identify blighted properties and      assist in the rehabilitation and repositioning of subject properties through funding programs aimed at the removal of blight in residential neighborhoods and improve the economic development of the City. 



expired RFQ Residential Appraisal Services

expired RFQ - Residential Rehabilitation Construction Inspection Services


2016 Annual Report and Audit

2017 PARIS Budget Report


 2015 Community Development Agency Annual Report 

CDA 2015 Final Audit

2015 NYS PARIS Report - CDA

Auditor's Investment Report

 CDA Audit Management Letter


RFQ Appraisal Services - Residential

RFQ - Residential Appraisal Services

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       2014 Organizational Structure

icon  2014 enabling statute

icon  2014 Assessment of Internal Control Structure and Procedures

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icon  2014 Board and Management

icon  2014 Schedule of Debt

icon  2014 Performance Measures Report

icon  2014 Mission Statement and Performance Goals

icon  2014 Operations and Accomplishments Report

      2014 Final Audit

      Representation/Managment Letter

      2014 PARIS Report


Middletown Home Ownership Program

icon  Community Development Agency Bylaws

icon  Community Development Agency Urban Renewal Plan

Investment Policy - CDA

CDA Policies as amended November 3, 2014

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