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phone icon (845) 346-4140
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house 16 James Street
      Middletown, NY 10940

Martina Tu

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(845) 346-4140 

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Planning Board Forms

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Members: John C. Naumchik, Nicole Hewson, Dan Higbie, Anthony Capozella, Paul Thorn
Clerk: Martina Tu

Applications to the City of Middletown Planning Board are submitted and reviewed according to the following process:

    1. A Preliminary Meeting with the Planning Board Chairman and Building Inspector is held for all applicants prior to scheduling a public hearing. Preliminary Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month at City Hall, Corporation Counsel office, at 1:30PM.

      Requirements for the Preliminary Meeting:

      • Completed application
      • 2 sets of plans
      • Application Fee
    1. If the application is approved in the preliminary meeting, the application is placed on the agenda of the next Planning Board Meeting (held on the first Wednesday of the month at City Hall, Common Council Chambers, at 7:00PM).

      The applicant submits the following to the Planning Board Clerk no later than two weeks prior to the Planning Board Meeting:

      • Application - 14 copies
      • Plans - 14 copies

      The applicant should be aware that additional fees may be required if the Planning Board determines that an engineer's review is in order.

      There may also be additional reviews by State and County agencies, and an extensive SEQRA Review may be required.

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