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City Hall 1910 Time Capsule

Thank you to everyone who came to the City Hall Time Capsule Opening on Friday, June 28, 2013 by Mayor DeStefano and Council President Miguel Rodrigues.

The contents of the capsule is in the process of being preserved with the recomendation of a historical preservation company who preserves our historical records for City Hall.  After the preservation process is complete the contents of the time capsule will be on display in City Hall.  Please check this website for futher details on the time line of the display.

If you did not come to the opening of the time capsule please see the link below for the contents:

icon City Hall 1910 Time Capsule Contents

As soon as the preservation process is complete we will have the contents scaned and on the website.  Below is a sample of a 1899 silver certificate dollar that was in the capsule by Hulse Brothers Jewelers and Optometrists at 9 James Street dated August 2, 1910.

 icon Silver Certificate 1899

Also, please check out our website for the placement of new time capsule that will be placed back into the cornerstone of City Hall soon.

Night Parking on Streets of Middletown

City Code - Chapter 460 Vehicles and Traffic - Section - Night Parking

The parking of vehicles is hereby prohibited on all highways and streets within the City between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m., from the 15th day of November until and including the 15th day of April of each year, except on the westerly side of Rivervale Road.





Please be advised that as per City of Middletown Code, Section 460-22, Parking Restrictions to Aid Snow Plowing and Snow Removal, "Parking on City Streets is Unlawful after a Snowfall of 2 1/2 Inches or More to Aid in the Safe Plowing of City Streets..."

Also as weather conditions deteriorate please stay off the roads and keep the Fire Hydrants in your area clear of snow when safe to do so.

This is for your safety and the Safety of your Neighbors.

We appreciate your cooperation

Joseph M. DeStefano, Mayor

Code of the City of Middletown

Chapter 403. SNOW AND ICE

Article III. Dumping

§ 403-10. Prohibited acts.
[Amended 2-11-2008]
No person or persons shall throw, dump or deposit or cause to be dumped or deposited any snow or ice from any public or private land, property or building upon or in any of the streets, avenues, public parks or public places in the City of Middletown except for the purpose of immediate removal, and in which event any of such materials must, within one hour after they have been thrown, dumped or deposited upon or in any of the streets, avenues, public parks or public places, be removed from any such place or places.


Article I. Traffic Regulations

§ 460-22. Parking restrictions to aid snow plowing and snow removal.

It shall be unlawful to delay, hinder or obstruct any vehicles or equipment engaged in the
operation of snow plowing or snow removal in the City streets. After a precipitation of snow of
2 1/2 inches or more, and thereafter until the streets are plowed and cleared of snow, it shall be
unlawful for any person to park any vehicle upon any street while said street is being plowed or
cleared unless such vehicle is attended by a person capable of operating it. The owner or a
person in charge of or in control of any vehicle standing in any street shall move or cause the
same to be moved so as not to be in the path of the equipment plowing or clearing the street of



Posting of Notices Prohibited in the City of Middletown

City of Middletown Code Chapter 319 Littering

No person shall post or affix any notice, poster or other paper or device calculated to attract the attention of the public to any lamppost, street sign, public utility pole or shade tree, or upon any public structure, building, public right-of-way or City property except as may be authorized or required by law.

Any person who violates any of the provisions of this chapter shall be guilty of an offense within the meaning of the Penal Law of the State of New York and, upon conviction thereof, shall be subject to a fine of not less than $250 nor more than $750 or by imprisonment for a period not exceeding 15 days, or both such fine and imprisonment. Each day that a violation is permitted to exist shall constitute a separate offense.

City of MIddletown Petition for a Confirmation of a Cable Franchise

Citizens Telecommunications Company of New York, Inc. d/b/a Frontier Communications of New York ("Frontier").  Frontier's Petition for a Confirmation of a Cable Franchise awarded by the City of Middletown was submitted on December 30, 2016 with the Secretary of the New York State Public Service Commission.

Please Click here for Copy of the Petiton for public viewing →  pdf Frontier Petition for a Confirmation of a Cable Franchise (997 KB)

The full hard copy Petition with all attachments is avaible in the City Clerk's Office Room 12 at 16 James Street, Monday through Friday from 8:30AM to 4:30PM.

Police Department requests our community’s assistance:

The City of Middletown Police Department is seeking the public’s assistance in helping us to address quality of life issues in an around our neighborhoods. We would like to remind everyone that if you see something, please say something. Our dedicated officers are actively working to address problems within our community, but you can assist them by calling the police department anytime you see illegal activities taking place. Some common complaints that we are looking to address are:

• Traffic & speeding violations • ATVs riding on City streets
• Loud music from vehicles, residences, & businesses • Illegal dumping, especially during clean-up weeks
• Narcotics activities • Underage alcohol consumption

Please remember that our department is here to serve you. For assistance, contact us directly at (845) 343-3151. Together, we can build a stronger, safer Middletown!

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