Downtown BuildingsFor those with a dream and are not afraid of a little hard work then our Downtown area may be for you. City living offers up more than just shopping and places to play.

It also offers up a chance for work experience as well. Not only are there numerous law offices, banks, and the DMV, but architects, tailors, and barbershops as well. Besides having established businesses, the downtown area is constantly growing and expanding.

Garcia's Market on North Street completed renovations on their store. Quinnz Pinz has been newly renovated with up-to-date state-of-the-art technology, flat-screen monitors, and decorated with trendy, upscale décor, and brought in Sweet Onion Brewhouse to operate out of the bowling alley. That's not the only recent addition that has been added to our downtown area, we have recently welcomed Gan Jing World, a family-friendly social media company formerly of Silicon Valley to Fulton Street!

Two Breweries have come to our Downtown. Clemson Brother Brewery on Cottage Street includes Craft Beer Brewed In-House, Locally sourced Spirits and Wines, a beautiful event space, and some amazing food produced by their Gourmet Chefs. Equilibrium Brewery, located on South Street, currently ships its beer to over 30 States. Their Taproom, Beer Garden, and Bonfire Restaurant offer an array of Beer, spirits and wines, and some top-notch BBQ.

Our Rail Trail Commons is a breath of fresh air in our Downtown. Visit Oak and Reed to experience a unique dining experience with a focus on American cuisine and craft cocktails. They use locally sourced ingredients to create flavorful and inventive dishes that cater to different tastes and dietary preferences. North Wind Bread Company is another tenant in the Rail Trail Commons, an Artisan Bakery, Specializing in Sourdough, Laminated Pastries, Coffee, Teas, and Homemade Beverages! Stop by for a quick bite during the day, or bring home something fantastic to pair with your dinner.

If you're looking for work experience, interested in opening a new business, or expanding the current business that you have, the Downtown area might be the place for you.