City of Middletown is accepting quotes for a True Lease specifications below.
The City of Middletown seeks a qualified contractor to install a surveillance camera system and access control in the City of Middletown at three separate fire stations. The city anticipates approximately 40 cameras in three separate buildings, and 13 specified card readers and electronic door locks. Card readers must connect to existing electronic locking systems and accept city’s current bar code identification badges. All exterior access points must be addressed. Vendor will submit plans of camera locations, card reader locations, electronic door locks and other relevant information that will allow the city to make the best determination in their interest.
SPECIFICATIONS Contractor will:
l. Will supply complete access control systems. System has the ability to read all codes from the City’s existing ID cards, and also accept scramble pad readers.
Each of the three area’s will have an integrated video surveillance system, with main network video recorder, expandable to 48 inputs, and have a minimum of 32 TB of storage.
B. Minimum 2.5-megapixel high definition camera with 720p and 1080p capability. Cameras must have integrated day/night switching, and control functions including automatic white balance, automatic gain control, and slow shutter speed. Frame rate must be at least thirty (30) frames per second. Cameras must support video compression methods including H.264 and MJPEG. Cameras must have integrated motion detection with selectable sensitivity. Signal to noise ration must be typically >45 dB. High definition cameras must come complete with appropriate lens type and dome enclosure. Cameras must be certified vandal proof.
City of Middletown is accepting quotes for a True Lease specifications below.
3. Design and Install New Cameras.
The critical role of the surveillance system requires high definition fixed position state of the art cameras capable of providing full resolution video images under varying light conditions. Cameras must provide multi-streaming to ensure the high resolution, high frame rate data-stream to the associated server is maintained, while simultaneously transmitting a second data stream at a different resolution (and/or frame rate) to workstations or monitors when required. Cameras must support multicasting to enable the video stream to be broadcast to multiple work stations/monitors and provide sharp clear and color accurate images. Cameras must include remote configurable tools that permit set-up via the data network from an administration workstation, and enable remote firmware upgrades.
4. All cameras must come priced with a ten (10) year Manufacturers' warranty. In addition, Contractor shall warrant the equipment against parts failure or malfunction due to installation errors, defective workmanship and missing or incorrect parts for a minimum period of twelve (12) months from date of acceptance.
5. Contractor shall supply all Cat 5e cable where required. Contractor shall supply any switches or encoders where required. Bidders are required to enclose applicable supply list with bid submission. City of Middletown will provide conduit and adequate 110 VAC.
6. Contractor shall provide all labor, materials and equipment for the camera upgrade replacements and installations at City of Middletown Firehouses. The requirements set forth in these specifications are minimums; the Contractor is responsible for submitting a complete bid to provide services notwithstanding errors or omissions in the County's specifications.
7. Bidders are required to state exactly what they intend to furnish. Detailed specifications, circulars, manufacturers or other warranties and all necessary data on services or items proposed to be furnished must be included with each Bid. This information must clearly show that the item offered meets all detailed specifications herein. The City reserves the right to reject any Bid as non-responsive if compliance with the specifications is not clearly evident.
8. All equipment proposed for installation must be new equipment of the model specified. Manufacturers' warranties should be included with the Bid. All supplies, equipment, vehicles and materials must meet the provisions of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) and all other applicable state and federal laws and regulations.
A. Be a factory authorized and experienced dealer of the items proposed and submit a certificate from manufacturer verifying this.
B. Must supply references (along with addresses) of recent projects using the equipment they propose to install. Preferably projects for municipalities.
C. Must state that in the event of a service call, the amount of time to respond to a request in hours.
D. Must also include manufacturer’s warranty for each item proposed and furnish a copy of that warranty.
10. It would be a “true lease” with no end purchase. Monitoring must be included. Ability to add or reduce equipment and replace with new technology at no additional cost. Lease would include all upgrades software related, maintenance and repairs and programming for term of lease
11. The City anticipates that the work would commence upon full execution of a contract and be completed within ninety (90) calendar days. All responses must be received by the City of Middletown no later than June 13, 2019 at noon, Mayor’s Office, 1st Floor, 16 James St., Middletown, New York, 10940.