Please click the link below to view the Department of Public Works annual report for 2017!

2017 DPW Annual Report

Dear City of Middletown Residents/Businesses,

At the direction of Governor Cuomo the City of Middletown has received a grant from New York State Department of Health to replace Lead Water Services for homes or businesses that are in the City of Middletown and are supplied by City of Middletown Water System.  If you suspect that you have a Lead, Brass or Galvanized Water Service line that extends from City Water Mains that are in the Street and into your house/building, please call us and we will arrange for a visit to verify the material of the water service.  

 The grant will pay for replacement of the water service from City Water Main in the Street and into your house/building, but prior to connection point to your water meter.

 Please check construction material of your Water Service entering your house/building at the penetration point from the outside, and report it to Department of Public Works at 343-3169, ASAP, as the grant funds are limited.

 Please call us also if you are unsure of the type of water service that you may have and we'll be happy to visit and help make the determination. 

 Thank you.


Attention City of Middletown Residents:

Construction activities on Wisner Ave, in the vicinity of Midland Ave, for the upgrade of the City of Middletown Wastewater Collection System is scheduled to start on November 17, 2017.  Construction is expected to be completed in 4 weeks, weather permitting.  It's anticipated that two-way traffic will be maintained through out the construction period.  Please drive slowly and cautiously in the impacted area.

We appreciate your cooperation .


Wisner Ave Google Maps page 001

In an effort to make information about important O&R/Rockland Electric projects, programs and community related issues easily accessible, O&R has created a Community Updates page on O&R’s website,  The web page provides background information and links to reference materials for programs or issues that may be of interest to your municipality, residents or constituents.

Thank you.

Dear City of Middletown Water Customer,

The City of Middletown has retained Energy Systems Group (ESG), and indirectly Professional Meters, Inc, (PMI) to install new Automatic Reading water meters at every water service location. The vast majority of meters have already been replaced by PMI since the beginning of their work in April of 2017. PMI will be ceasing their meter replacement efforts by end of October 2017.

PMI indicates that there is a number of locations which have not been cooperative in scheduling appointments to have their meter replaced, even after 4 notice attempts made by PMI.

PLEASE NOTE: Any remaining meter locations that have NOT been scheduled and replaced by the time that PMI ceases meter installations for the City of Middletown, will incur a $200.00 SURCHARGE FEE (added to their regularly scheduled water bill) for each subsequent billing period, and is subject to WATER SERVICE TERMINATION.

Furthermore, please also note the following responsibilities of the owner:

Residential development in the City of Middletown used to suffer flooding whenever stormwater topped off Co Rt 78.  

Conventional engineering solutions such as Stormwater Detention Ponds or larger culverts were not feasible or appropriate solutions. 

Innovative thinking in Middletown, which included construction of flood diversion wall continues to save the residential development from the devastation of flooding. 

Photos below were taken during the 6/19/2017 flash flood by Commissioner Tawil.

                                INNOVATIVE THINKING 2 FINAL WEBSITE    INNOVATIVE THINKING 3 FINAL WEBSITE                                                                     INNOVATIVE THINKING 4 FINAL WEBSITE    INNOVATIVE THINKING 5 FINAL WEBSITE                                                                                                    INNOVATIVE THINKING 6 FINAL WEBSITE


(City of Middletown DPW installs first solar powered LED enhanced driver feedback device)



(2nd Traffic device installed by City DPW)

Mayor DeStefano and Council President Rodrigues: "Our ongoing efforts to address quality of life issues in our City, DPW installed a Solar Powered LED-Enhanced Driver Feedback Radar, as a traffic calming device to alert speeders in the area."

Thank you.


Over 20,000 studies have been conducted to understand the health effects of RF Energy.

Please see the links below for more information on safety concerns about City of Middletown new water meters from Sensus:

Please click here for full Presentation →   Flex Net Safety Presentation