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Important Message from NYSDEC

A Reminder to Flush Responsibly
Certain materials flushed down toilets can damage sewer systems, wastewater treatment operations, or private septic systems, even when they are labeled as flushable. Correcting the damage is expensive, so do not flush any of the items listed below, no matter how small. Please throw them in the trash.
• diapers
• baby wipes
• disinfectant wipes
• personal hygiene products
• any paper products other than toilet paper (e.g., paper towels, facial tissues, paper napkins)
Clogged treatment systems are expensive to clean out.
Look for the Zero: Use Only Phosphorus-Free Lawn Fertilizer
DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos today announced the launch of the state’s annual "Look for the Zero" public awareness campaign that encourages homeowners to go phosphorus-free when using lawn fertilizer. DEC is encouraging consumers to review bag labels for phosphorus content when shopping for fertilizer. Fertilizer labels have three numbers. The number in the middle is the percentage of phosphorus in the product.
Regardless of the lawn's location, excess phosphorus can wash off and pollute lakes and streams, harming fish and ruining boating and swimming. More than 100 water bodies in New York State cannot be used or enjoyed due to phosphorus overuse. For more information, visit DEC's Lawn Fertilizer webpage. (

Thank you for your cooperation